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President Felix Tshisekedi Talk The AU’s Arts, Culture & Heritage

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President Felix Tshisekedi Talk The AU’s Arts, Culture & Heritage

MUNJANI AFRIKA INVESTMENT CORPORATION (The MUNJANI GROUP) is positioned to embark on a grand Pan-African social and economic alchemy. Our mission is simple: promote and facilitate intra-Africa trade, develop, industrialise and modernise the African continent through a business, public sector and social partners pact.

In so doing, MUNJANI invites all Africans, here and in the diaspora, companies, groups, people, social partners, sporting bodies and governments to be part of the collective keen on driving the developmental programmes geared towards The Africa We Want.

This will find expression as part of a united front and a collective to support and operationalise the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the Africa Union (AU) objectives.

We do this by addressing regional development gaps and the AU’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through technical support to industries, manufacturing, governments and communities in the continent through infrastructure development, innovative housing, poverty alleviation, e-trading platforms, sustainable & alternative energy, FinTech, SMMEs solutions, inter regional tourism, preservation of heritage &culture, sports development, media and entertainment, arts & crafts, branding and marketing, consulting services for businesses and governments, agriculture and food security, job creation, increased literacy and educational development.

MUNJANI will also act as a Think Tank and be part of continental developmental initiatives and strive to bring together, promote and sustain the partnerships.

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President Felix Tshisekedi Talk The AU’s Arts, Culture & Heritage

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UPLOAD or submit write-ups, photos etc about your company or business activities to be published at the discretion of MUNJANI content managers. Give MUNJANI notice of a business or information exchange event you wish to be livestreamed on this site.

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Unveiling African Engineering Construction

The great Africa pass project

Dr Aiman Rsheed, an Egyptian engineer and a founding member and director of the MUNJANI Afrika Investment Corporation (MUNJANI), has conceptualized and unveiled a mammoth and ambitious engineering project that might have far-reaching developmental and modernization impact on the African continent.

Latest project

Education & Leadership Training

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Latest project

Education & Leadership Training


We are set to launch an ambitious small business development initiative in the arts, crafts, entertainment and manufacturing industry. The plan entails working and collaborating with African governments and other key stakeholders in the private and public sector to drive grassroot communities economically towards The Africa We Want.

Latest project

Education & Leadership Training


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Munjani & Africans In The Diaspora

1. MUNJANI Diaspora Platform

The MUNJANI Diaspora Platform will provide an opportunity for African and possibly Caribbean Diaspora’s to connect and contribute to opportunities and development on the African continent.

Africans in the diaspora will establish overseas MUNJANI bases or organs which will operate as a unifying unit or a collective recruiting all of the Africans in the foreign lands into a MUNJANI focused group.

MUNJANI – Diaspora Partnerships Benefits

  • Entrepreneurs that are part of the emerging business within the diaspora community who are creating and manufacturing products will through MUNJANI ensure their products and services are well received by markets in Africa.
  • Businesses in the diapora will benefit from newly enacted regulations and access instant markets of millions of potential customers under AfCFTA and many other trade blocks.
  • The MUNJANI Platform offers exposure, growth and scale for Diaspora owned businesses based in Europe, Australia, USA, Canada and Asia.
  • The MUNJANI diaspora will serve as external grouping representing MUNJANI’s global interests, member social and economic interests in the mother continent.
  • Interface regularly with the MUNJANI GROUP on the continent to align objectives and other interests
  • Facilitate exports and imports exchanges
  • Members to plough back skills and knowledge back to the motherland
  • Members to create continent based business and economic linkages

2. Other External Partnerships

(And Foreign Direct Investment)

MUNJANI would be amenable to work with foreigners outside the continent on a project by project basis to promote the sharing of knowledge in partnerships that would be mutually beneficial, entailing:

  • Direct capital injection
  • Fund raising
  • Skills, expertise and knowledge transfer(and expertise exchange)
  • Foreign investment
  • Equity split
  • Local participation and partnerships

The Munjani Foundation

The MUNJANI FOUNDATION headquarters base is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, supported by other major MUNJANI centres throughout the continent.


The foundation deals with advocacy, education, innovation, culture, civic mobilisation, social responsibility, environment sustainability and other issues of special community interest.


  • Drives advocacy and philanthropy objectives of MUNJANI, targeting communities across civil societies – constituting disadvantaged African youth, elderly and women and thereby eliminate African poverty and dependency by creating self-help initiatives, fostering skills development, job and enterprise creation.
  • EDUCATION – create academic and technological  centres of excellence for the development of the African child.
  • Identifies and funds innovative ideas for new economic activities and industries.



# 01

Promoting African trade and regional integration as a vehicle seeking and fostering collaboration among African businesses and those in the diaspora.


# 02

To implement programmes that will ensure that Africa’s youth and women have opportunities to achieve their aspirations through education, entrepreneurship, employment and engagement.


# 03

Seek to eradicate hunger and poverty among the disadvantaged, foster links and champion causes that will better serve African citizens in working together.


# 04

Create an Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, values and ethics through enterprise collaborations and consequently an Africa whose development is people driven.


Position the continent as the leader in trade and investment by unlocking business opportunities for all African countries using a single platform.

Our Values


We Say

The establishment of the MUNJANI Group, the Diaspora platforms and the MUNJANI Foundation serve as a unique opportunity for Africa to activate value chains in trade and business.

By so doing, this adds value to African companies and societies through economic development, optimised trade and business interactions.

We believe The MUNJANI Group initiatives are key in igniting economic growth for the African continent. The platform heralds a new dispensation in the organization and delivery of commerce, social cohesion, development and upliftment, the modernisation and industrialisation of Africa to deliver a new era in accordance with national goals and to renew and deliver the promise and improve Africa’s competitiveness.

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