About us (old)

The Munjani Group

MUNJANI AFRIKA INVESTMENT CORPORATION (The MUNJANI GROUP), is a business and leadership alliance positioned as the “African Voice and Business Network” forum and platform, facilitating partnerships and collaborations on the African continent and globally.


In short, MUNJANI is a hub and platform of anchor businesses across Africa that can access all of African countries using a single platform in advancing, promoting and facilitating Africa’s economic integration and movement of goods and linkage of services.


The Munjani Home

MUNJANI has chosen KIGALI, RWANDA as its headquarters, and it is from Kigali that MUNJANI’s activities and operations are coordinated. We chose Kigali in Rwanda because of its perceived agenda in leading the development and advancement agenda of the continent.

Kigali has developed itself from the ashes of the genocide to becoming and transforming itself into the model African city of advancement and possibilities. Another reason for our home choice is Rwanda’s geographical location by way of its centrality on the continent. Other African capitals or major cities will serve as MUNJANI’s regional hubs.

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