Munjani Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)


MAI-Travel operates in the travel and tourism space, a one-stop Pan African agency using vast continental network of operators in the industry to handle and coordinate all your travel, accommodation and vacation needs, catering for individuals, families, businesses and large groups offering a seamless service as well as recommending ideal African holiday destinations and great packages at competitive prices, working in collaboration with African government tourism sectors, airlines, hotel chains, vehicle rentals and so on.


A MUNJANI-created events and entertainment company, compiles a database of all artists and musicians in the African continent and the diaspora, coordinates MUNJANI events, exhibitions and festivals while spearheading MUNJANI SMME development programme in the arts and entertainment sector, representing authentic music, lifestyles and culture of Africa and the diaspora and seeking to fuse the gap between continents and cultures through entertainment, large-scale event organisation, social awareness and philanthropy.


This is a MUNJANI-created music label. The objective is to get African artists and musician to record under the MAI-Music label, creating a home for African musicians and those in the diaspora as well as stimulating collaborations activities for both small and big artists,
marketing their products for both continental and global consumption.


A MUNJANI-created Pan African consultancy group that will be of service to African businesses,
governments as well as consulting services on capital projects undertaken continent-wide, guiding clients navigate the legal pathways of all cross border trade and services, including management and financial consultancy, public administration, construction law, compliance and bid preparations, audits, human resources, labour laws and company secretary services wherever you are on the continent. MAI-Consult has a continental footprint and networks based in key African regions.


Training in various sectors to achieve skills and trade excellence, focussing on supporting AfCFTA and AU’s objectives to create an Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, values, and ethics through enterprise collaborations and consequently an Africa whose development is people driven, relying on the potential of African people, especially its women and youth and care for its children. The MAI-Training service is positioned to be recognized as a respected and reliable source of advice and guidance on skills transfer,
knowledge resource, intra and global African trade through think-tanking, thought leadership and research and development.

MAI- Arts&Crafts

The platform is a MUNJANI market hub for African arts and crafts, using networks and acting on behalf of producers of arts and crafts products sourced throughout the continent and the African diaspora, consolidating, coordinating and exhibiting their products through a single MUNJANI channel to market and sell their wares on the MAI-ARTS&CRAFTS through the online (ecommerce) platform as part of the intra-Africa trade as well as to global markets.